Bridal Makeup

As you have planned, stressed and planned some more, Your wedding day has finally arrived. You have instructed everyone where and what they need to be doing. You are getting your Hair & Makeup done –Yernia

Its finally time for you to get into your Wedding dress as your Bridal Party helps and you finally turn around in the mirror…


That stunned look of how Amazing you look, how flawlessly your Makeup was done and how everything in that moment just came together, makes our job worth wild! As you walk down the isle and we hear the whispers from the crowd how beautiful you are makes us seriously smile.

lateska 4

And for the added bonus of seeing the reaction from the Groom… PRICELESS!!


when he gives you the “My WIFE is GORGEOUS” look…


we really know that we done what we were destined to do!

Our Brides have a special place in our hearts. I love that we get to share one of the BIGGEST day of your life with you. The Bridal process allows us to be personable with each of our Brides. We consider our Brides as our family!  Become apart of our family, we would love to have you!



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